Rescuing Fresh Meals to Feed the Hungry and Reduce Food Waste

Rescuing Fresh Meals to Feed the Hungry and Reduce Food Waste

Upcoming Events!


Asheville's Signature Fundraiser for Food Connection SOLD OUT

Tickets are going fast! Come support Food Connection on Thursday April 4th at our 2nd Annual Chefs In Action 2019 event presented by Wicked Weed Brewing. Celine and Company will host the event where you'll be able to enjoy food prepared by 7 of our donor chef partners. Enjoy music by Abby the Spoon Lady and Chris Rodrigues  and DJ and dancing with Jr. James & The Late Guitar and the Rhythm Grill, Wicked Weed beer and Biltmore Wines. 


Video for Chefs In Action 2019 featuring some highlights

Chefs In Action for Food Connection presented by Wicked Weed Brewing has SOLD OUT! Thank you all who have bought tickets. Check out this video of highlights from Food Connection that we will be showing at the event!

We Believe...

Food Connection has rescued and delivered well over 100,000 fresh, gourmet meals and connected them to those in need. We need your help to continue. Your support will allow us to expand our mission because we firmly believe that no fresh food should ever end up in the trash while people go hungry. 

What is Food Connection?

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What we do

Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that fresh food continues to pollute America's landfills while people go hungry? If so, you've landed on the right site.

Food Connection collects surplus fresh meals from restaurants, caterers and institutions, and delivers them to community partners who feed those in need, in order to reduce food waste and ease the pain of immediate hunger. 

Where we are operating

Currently Food Connection is operating in Buncombe County, North Carolina, in cities including Asheville, Swannanoa and Black Mountain, and have just begun operating in Charlotte, NC. 

That being said, we'd love to start a food rescue revolution in other places. Get in touch!

Our Mission

Food Connection relieves hunger while reducing waste by connecting surplus freshly prepared meals with those experiencing food insecurity.

Because this makes total sense, right?

If you're curious about current statistics, check this out.

(It's not great news.)


Get involved

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GOT FRESH FOOD NOW? Is it enough to feed 18  people or more? Are you located in Buncombe County, NC or the Charlotte area? We need it!  Click the link below and let's get started.

Donate food
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Your financial contributions allow us to continue, and expand our efforts to keep fresh food out of our local landfills, while feeding our neighbors in need. Because it's logical to do this.

Donate Money
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Want to get involved? Consider helping us out with fundraising, delivering food, working events and helping us educate folks that there are alternatives to tossing out good food.


Help us feed more people

Your financial gift will allow us to expand!

Please help us continue to reduce food waste and ease hunger in Asheville, Swannanoa, Black Mountain and Charlotte, NC. 

Your support will also help us expand to other areas. Thank you!


Stay in Touch

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