Food Connection and COVID-19


While the coronavirus pandemic is causing great economic, physical and emotional impact on people around the world, the impact on marginalized populations and those who are food insecure is unimaginable. For Food Connection, that means our primary food donors (universities, conference centers and event businesses) are following CDC guidelines and canceling meetings and events. With that, the excess food from those events that we normally collect disappears.

Times are uncertain, and much is required of us.

What is Food Connection doing?

Food Connection’s top priority is the health and safety of the families and individuals we serve, as well as our staff and volunteers. As such, we are closely monitoring the coronavirus pandemic and are actively working with our food donors and partnering recipient agencies to continue service as best as we can. 

We are beginning to see an increased food demand and decreased supply from our donor partners. We are also seeing a dramatic decrease in our volunteers. In the event that food becomes available we are working with our partners to develop low and no contact food distributions so that we can best serve our clients experiencing a food crisis.

While it is still too early to determine the full economic effects of the coronavirus outbreak, Food Connection will continue to work to help people facing hunger have the food they need.

What you can do

With the recent postponement of our largest fundraiser of the year, and the full economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak unknown, financial donations are crucial to our ability to meet a need that is only expected to increase.  


Food Connection + Our Community during COVID-19

Want a peek at how Food Connection and the local community are coming together in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Watch this short video. In the midst of all that's happening (and with social distancing in mind) there are beautiful connections being made every day in Asheville and the Swannanoa Valley. Our gratitude goes out to all of the restaurant owners who despite these hard times are reaching out to us to donate their extra food to feed their neighbors in need.

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About Food Connection

Food Connection collects surplus fresh meals from restaurants, caterers and institutions, and delivers them to community partners who feed those in need, in order to reduce food waste and ease the pain of immediate hunger. 

Where we are operating

Currently Food Connection is operating in Buncombe County, North Carolina, in cities including Asheville, Swannanoa and Black Mountain and also in Madison County. That being said, we'd love to start a food rescue revolution in other places. Get in touch!

Our Mission

Food Connection relieves hunger while reducing waste by connecting surplus freshly prepared meals with those experiencing food insecurity.

Because this makes total sense, right?



We will keep you posted on the new July date once determined.

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About Food Connection

Food Connection has rescued and delivered well over 215,000 fresh, gourmet meals and connected them to those in need. We need your help to continue. Your support will allow us to expand our mission because we firmly believe that no fresh food should ever end up in the trash while people go hungry. 


Food Connection needs your help! We are currently seeking volunteer drivers, food packers and distributors to help us rescue the surplus fresh meals from Ridgecrest Conference Center and connect it with neighbors living in our local mobile home communities in Swannanoa and Black Mountain. This is the perfect opportunity for faith groups, couples and parents with teenage children. 

Watch this!

If you're curious about current statistics, check this out.

(It's not great news.)

Get involved

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GOT FRESH FOOD NOW? Is it enough to feed 18  people or more? Are you located in Buncombe County, NC or the Charlotte area? We need it!  Click the link below and let's get started.

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Your financial contributions allow us to continue, and expand our efforts to keep fresh food out of our local landfills, while feeding our neighbors in need. Because it's logical to do this.

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Want to get involved? Consider helping us out with fundraising, delivering food, working events and helping us educate folks that there are alternatives to tossing out good food.

Help us feed more people

Your financial gift will allow us to expand!

Please help us continue to reduce food waste and ease hunger in Asheville, Swannanoa, Black Mountain and Charlotte, NC. Your support will also help us expand to other areas. Thank you!


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